You’ll get a BANG outta us

So you’ve seen the funny-looking sausage on wheels and now you’re wondering, “What could a mobile sausage have to do with car hire and what could they possibly offer me?”

The answer of course, “Flippin’ good deals on wheels!”

You see we at Banger Car Hire don’t want to be the ‘Caviar” of the industry, instead we choose to dish out the most affordable rates and the best possible service.

We’re all about more BANG for the buck

Ok, so you won’t be driving the latest BM or Merc but if you’re fine with that, you’ll find that our older model cars are kept in mint condition (more than fully road worthy), and will get you from point A – B with no trouble at all.

  • Plenty of Bangers for everyone:
    Enjoy a Banger from as little as R130 a day on a long-term rental (more than a month), or sample our other flavours.

  • A Banger for the road
    150bangerKM free each day, otherwise 90c per km thereafter.

  • The World Record for the Longest Banger…
    Imagine 60m (196.85ft) of pure sausage! Well there was one, and it rested in its’ own 60.3m roll in Tokyo, Japan on the 4th August 2006. Our
    Banger rental periods are just as impressive. The longer you hire a Banger, the shorter the price gets, so ask for a special quote.

  • The Cocktail Sausage of Rentals
    Our minimum rental is just R300.00!

  • Stakes in the Sausage
    All you need to do to get your hands on a Banger is a R500 reservation deposit. And then payment by cash, cheque or credit card. No arms, legs or mother in laws acceptable.

Now go of with a BANG…but first brief terms and conditions

  • Bangers are hired out subject to terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.

  • The Banger Domain is the George area in the Garden Route so we deliver fresh Bangers within this area.

  • Have you got your wings? To drive one of our Bangers the Hirer/driver must have a valid unendorsed drivers license.

  • Bangers may not leave the RSA Borders without consent from us.

  • Bangers are nippy – so we’ll be sending all speeding fines and traffic violations your way (even if they only become apparent later).

To Contact Us:

  • Phone No. Office Hours 044 - 8741927

  • After Hours 0825746062 or 0827445557



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